Naming your Vacation Property

June 11, 2013

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Take a leaf out of the book of any marketing department for any company, anywhere in the world. Whether you have a service or a product, you need to attach a name to it. Apple is known all around the world as Apple, and not as “the multinational technology corporation responsible for consumer electronics.” In the same light, the Hilton Hotels and Resorts are also not world-renowned because they called themselves “full-service hotels and resorts operating in 78 countries worldwide.” While your San Diego vacation property is neither a hotel, nor a consumer electronics corporation, it certainly is a business, and it has the potential to be a very memorable one.


Giving your vacation property an appealing, easy-to-remember name will boost your bookings and your brand recognition. A brand is a simple and fool-proof way to introduce your business and what you have to offer. Too generic and you will bore your potential occupants. Too long-winded and you will confuse them. Naming your property is free, and attaching a logo is inexpensive and very, very helpful. Your vacation home name will set your property apart from competitors and allow your visitors to both remember it and recommend it to all their friends.


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