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December 2, 2013

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best-affiliate-programNow that you have your rental humming along and you and are getting the kind of occupancy you have always dreamed about,  I bet you are wondering how you can make even more money from your rental?!  I want to talk about something we have been doing for years that brings in a significant amount of extra money each year and literally almost takes no effort on your part!

Introducing affiliate programs!  What is an affiliate program you ask? Simply, affiliate programs are programs set up by almost any business that gives you a little money each time you give them some business.   Better yet,  there are websites out there that can get you up and running in just a few minutes.  You just sign up on their respective sites, pick the affiliates you want to feature on your websites and add the the links they provide you on your website and/or email and newsletters.

There is probably an affiliate program for any product you may want to provide for your guests. You can find huge affiliates such as WalMart, eBay, Expedia, Hertz car rental to small mom and pop shops.  We offer car rentals, airline tickets, and discounts to some local restaurants and attractions.   Speaking of local businesses, any business can sign up as an affiliate as well.  So if you have a business or restaurant you love, encourage them to sign up as an affiliate and you both can make some extra money.

The best thing about using affiliates is that it provides a service to your guests they will probably need whether they book your home or not. Furthermore, it builds your reputation as being a helpful property owner and may get you the guest’s business in the future if they don’t book your home this time around. Lastly, you may be able to generate income from your affiliate program even if a guest doesn’t book your home!!

The beauty of the affiliate program is that it is pretty much a ‘Set It and Forget It’ program.  After it is set up the way you desire, you simply can sit back and wait for checks to arrive in your mail!

We tell our guests about our affiliates several times between the time they inquiry about a home and the time they actually arrive at the home.  An initial response to an inquiry may include information on where to buy airline tickets and car rentals. As their arrival dates gets closer, we include information about some of our favorite attractions, rental places, and restaurants.

There are several large affiliate websites out there. Here is a list of the companies we use or have used in the past:

  • Commission Junction – This is a great company. They have a robust list of affiliates, have incredible customer support, and are quick to pay.
  • ClickBank – This company caters more to products, not services. We have used ClickBank for ebooks.

These programs, if implemented well, can really add to your bottom line.

If you would like more information about how we use affiliate programs, please let us know.




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