Coolest Gadget every Vacation Rental Owner Must Have

July 8, 2014

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Anyone that knows me knows that I LOVE technology.  Anything that helps make my life easier and saves me a few minutes is a no brainer!  Better yet, anything that helps us be proactive with our guests and any problems they might experience is must have!

Well I recently discovered a little company that goes by the name of Quirky.  They help all kinds of people bring inventions to fruition.  While shopping at Home Depot a few weeks ago, I saw a device that will keep you posted in real time to how much propane you have left in your BBQ.  If you have guests like mine that BBQ a lot, they can easily go through a tank of propane in a week.  This device is WiFI enabled and has an APP for both the iPhone and Android Phones. The app will visually give you reading of how full the tank of propane is, and better yet, send you a text or email when the tank falls below a certain level!

We have been testing the ‘Refuel’ device for several weeks now at a few of our homes. It has count down on many phone calls that propane is out at a home and lets us deliver propane tanks to homes before there is ever a problem. It may not seem like much to get a message about an almost empty propane tank but it goes a long way in regards to providing world class customer service to your guests.

You can buy your ‘Refuel’ from Home Depot and online at their site.





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