Coolest Vacation Rental Gadget of 2016

January 31, 2017


My first vacation rental was a house I lived in for 10 years prior to making it a vacation rental.  I knew my neighbors, was active in the community, and loved my neighborhood. My home is near the beach and, as such, is built right on top of everyone else in the neighborhood.  The last thing I wanted were any noise problems with my home when I wasn’t there.  Granted, we usually have great guests but every once in a while a group doesn’t take noise very seriously or gets a little generous with the libations. After all, they did come to our city for a vacation.

Sure my neighbors might call if noise gets excessive but by this point the damage is already done.  I wondered for years how I could avoid the dreaded phone call from an irritated neighbor.

In comes NoiseAware. NoiseAware is a decibel meter with smarts specifically made for the vacation rental industry.  This cool tool simply plugs into any outlet in your home and monitors sound levels. It connects through your WiFi network and has an app that allows you to track noise and see trends of your guests (i.e. they tend to get loud at 2 am when coming home from the bars).  You can set the sensitivity of the device so you only get a text message when certain thresholds are reached.

Although the device isn’t rated for outside use, I have one both inside and outside. My outside unit is covered with a plastic shield that is made for outdoor use and fairly water tight. My backyard is where most of my guests spend their time so it was important for me to have this area covered.

This thing has saved me a few times. I have had large groups in my backyard by the fire pit or in the hot tub late at night that have gotten loud. NoiseAware sends me a text and I make a phone call. This is usually all it takes for a guest to quiet down.  In San Diego, where we are, noise is taken very seriously. We tell all our guests that we have these safeguards in place and it is for their own benefit so the police aren’t called and they aren’t give a hefty fine.

This little $149 device has made my life a little easier and given back a little piece of mind to all my neighbors. This is why this gets my nod for the coolest vacation rental gadget of 2016!

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