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March 20, 2013



So many people think they have to do everything by themselves! Maybe they are afraid that others won’t do as good of a job as they will or perhaps they just don’t know how to go about hiring people to do many things for you. The secret is that you can outsource many of the tasks that you do day in and day out for very little money.  I am going to talk about many of the effective things that I and my property management company have used in the past to help offload all the tasks related to renting and managing your home!

I learned a long time ago that you need to “Fire yourself” from each job you have in your vacation rental organization. I use the word organization lightly as I know many of you are just managing one property but there are still many of the same tasks involved managing one property or managing 100.  If there are tasks  in your business that are repeatable, you can “Systemtize it”. Once you systemize a job, you hire someone to do it and put the task on autopilot.  Someone taught me a long time ago that systems control what people do, people don’t control what systems do!  I will talk about the power of systems in another blog. So.. once you have system in place, The task will get completed. This is the point you need to take yourself out of that equation and find someone to do it for you.  I understand that you may have one off projects that don’t involve systems and the way and places to find people for these jobs is much the same as will be explained below.

Here are some of the favorite places I use to find talented people.

oDesk – You can find someone to do anything you can imagine on oDesk. I have used oDesk to find blog writers for some of my other blogs, people that can help with link building for SEO,  personal assistants, and even people to help me take reservation in our busy season. The thing I like about oDesk is that they have a way you can view what your workers have done at any time and that they can bill a credit card for their services.

eLance – Another great site to find talent. eLance, I have found, is very good to find highly skilled individuals such as software programmers,  website designers, writers, etc.   I have used eLance for several software projects we have developed for our company. I advise you to do your research and make sure your candidate has a good track record before diving into a large project like software development.

fiverr – This is another great tool where you can find some really unique talent. Some of the projects are really useful and some are just downright silly.  The beauty of fiverr is that it only costs $5. Well… kinda… things start at $5 and then each person has add ons for different items such as expedited delivery of a product or changing a the background of a video. I have used fiverr to hire people to read video press releases for me and do some video editing.

I do have an all time favorite person on fiverr that has done several projects for me.  His handle is uniquefivex and he does unbelievable whiteboard animation work. I have used home for commercials and logo work in my business.

You need to take a look at this guy’s work. Visit his fiverr page here:  UniqueFiveX

This is just a sample of the amazing work you can get for next to nothing through some of these resources.

Remember, hire people for any tasks that you do repetitively or that you simply don’t want to do or don’t have time to do.  I think you will find these resources invaluable as your vacation rental business grows


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