The Dreaded Bad Review…and what to do about it – Part II

April 25, 2013


You can’t win them all, and even after years of impeccable customer service and superior maintenance of your vacation home, someone might still have a bad experience. If they choose to complain on a platform such as TripAdvisor, it is very important, as the owner of the home in question, to respond in a way that facilitates damage control. Forrester Consulting reported that 79% of users surfing TripAdvisor are reassured by a management’s response to a negative property review.  Responding in a charming and professional manner to negative reviews can be a valuable marketing tool.


Firstly, respond as soon as possible. While hundreds or thousands of people might be reading your negative review, if you don’t respond, you are losing many valuable opportunities to defend your vacation home and win the hearts of review platform users as you go. Secondly, keep your reply polite, professional, short, and specific. Thank your reviewer for staying in your San Diego vacation home and for taking the time to give feedback. Address the specific problem, mentioning a solution or indicating how your business has addressed it. Stay positive, and leave emotions out of your reply.


In the case of a straight-out rant or an unfounded or vicious personal attack, you may wish to mention that other customers have not had similar issues, and link to a relevant positive review where possible. At the end of the review, use the opportunity to show both the negative reviewer and interested readers that you are always contactable to discuss the matter directly.


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