Use Video and see your Vacation Rental Marketing Explode!

April 29, 2013


According to the Content Marketing Institute, 46% of people claim that they are more likely to research further information about a service or product once they have seen an online video. With YouTube enjoying an average hit rate of 4 billion daily, online video exposure is now reaching at least 85% of consumers. In addition, 22 percent of people researching travel will visit YouTube as a source of information. This is something that owners of vacation rental homes cannot afford to ignore.

What makes an effective video? It has to be brief, informative, and entertaining. Think about your vacation rental and the area in which it is located. Is there a fascinating history? What makes your property appealing and special? Show it off: beautiful architecture, a stunning view, gorgeous natural surroundings, a charming local café or bakery with a friendly owner, and of course, the personality and hospitality of the property owner!

My vacation rental company, Pacific Coast Vacation Properties, uses video in almost all of our advertising. We make videos of everything: Virtual Tours, local attractions, favorite restaurants, street fairs, you name it. We have a YouTube Channel where we post all of our videos and use the links to the You Tube videos where ever we can.  Remember, You Tube is owned by Google and they put more emphasis on You Tube videos in their searches than other methods of search engine optimization. We have had several videos go viral and, consequently, are the #1 spot in Google for their related search criteria.

Adding a short, 2-5 minute video to your online platform profiles and your website is a great way to communicate atmosphere, hospitality, and anything that makes your vacation rental unique and special. Well-made professional online video marketing piece can be expensive, but luxury  homeowners have something wonderful to offer as well: a creative solution is to find a top class videographer and offer a services trade for a couple of nights at the property.

If you are creative, you can do video for much cheaper and still get a high level of quality. One of the things we do use quite extensively is whiteboard animation (See some examples here).  We outsource much of the videos we use with some resources you can find on the web. See my blog about how to outsource some of this work here.

If you aren’t using video as part of your marketing plan, you really are missing out. Start building your video presence on the web and see you bookings increase!!





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